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14. - 17. 11. 2019E-Salon Fair of Clean Mobility, Prague-Letnany
5.11.2019Seminar on the current challenges of H2020 transport and battery priorities and on the new MSP Accelerator Pilot.
25. 6. - 26. 6. 20192nd conference of the project Technologiccal Trends in Road Transport, ERTRAC Member States and National Technology Platforms Representatives meeting
27. 11. 20181st Conference of the Project Technological Trends in Road Transport
29. 5. 2018Seminar on H2020 SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation
8. 12. 2016Seminar with Korean Transport Institute
13. 10. 2016Round table for TEA proposals
12. 5. 2016How to ensure the replacement of fossil fuels in the transport of energy from RES by 2020 by 10%
17. 3. 2016Round Table of ČAPPO members, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague and SGS Division of Fuels and Lubricants
17. 12. 2015Measures to meet the 4% and 6% GHG emission reductions in 2017
23. 11. 2015New measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion in transport by 6% by 2020
11.11.2014 Sustainable transport in cities and municipalities
24.6.2014 Measurements how to decrease greenhouse gases arising under combustion
12.12.2013 National Information Day, WP Transport 2014-2015, HORIZON 2020
28.11.2013 Biofuels in transport, Kralupy nad Vltavou
21.2.2013 Final seminar of the project Technology platform for road transport (in Czech)
2.11.2011 3rd seminar (in Czech)
12.5.2011 Conference Smart mobility for better cities, La Rochelle (in Czech)
24.2.2011 2nd seminar (in Czech)
18.8.2010 1st seminar (in Czech)