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Photo of the month — Archive

August 2017

Foto měsíce 8/2017
New public transport means? Pink tank in the streets of Brno.

July 2017

Foto měsíce 7/2017
Happy journey!

June 2017

Foto měsíce 6/2017
Meeting representatives of MoT, KOTI and TPSD on 29th May 2017 in Prague

May 2017

Foto měsíce 5/2017
One of the first electric cars, 25th International Trade Fair AMPER, Brno, 21.-24.3.2017

April 2017

Foto měsíce 4/2017
25th International Trade Fair AMPER, Brno, 21st-24th March, 2017

March 2017

Foto měsíce 3/2017
Traffic management on the motorway in the Netherlands

February 2017

Foto měsíce 2/2017
Hyperloop. From Brno to Prague twenty minutes

January 2017

Foto měsíce 1/2017
PF 2017

December 2016

Foto měsíce 12/2016
Car Praga Alfa XIX, one of five products produced in the year 1930

November 2016

Foto měsíce 11/2016
Electric car of the VSB-TU Ostrava presented on the conference TA CR SMART LIFE held on 20th October in Prague

October 2016

Foto měsíce 10/2016
Electric carts in Porto, Portugal

September 2016

Foto měsíce 09/2016
Elbus VOLVO on the terminal station of the line 55 in Gothenburg

August 2016

Foto měsíce 08/2016
Humen power hybrid, St.Poelten, Austria

July 2016

Foto měsíce 07/2016
For summer time

June 2016

Foto měsíce 06/2016
Car Škoda 422 from the year 1930 at the Václav Havel airport

May 2016

Foto měsíce 05/2016
Electric driveless car INRIA on TRA 2016, Warsaw

April 2016

Foto měsíce 04/2016
Electric automobil NISSAN LEAF on the exhibition AMPER, Brno, March 2016

February 2016

Foto měsíce 02/2016
Flowering car in the Brno House of Art

January 2016

Foto měsíce 01/2016
PF 2016

December 2015

Foto měsíce 12/2015
Electric mobility in Oslo

November 2015

Foto měsíce 11/2015
Drivless cars on the Heathrow airport connecting terminal 5 and the car park

October 2015

Foto měsíce 10/2015
Ford model T, South Florida Museum, Bradenton

September 2015

Foto měsíce 9/2015
Underwater car, work of art designed by Salvador Dalí, the Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

August 2015

Foto měsíce 8/2015
Riksha in streets of Brno

July 2015

Foto měsíce 7/2015
Technology attacks

June 2015

Foto měsíce 6/2015
Electric car in night Brno

May 2015

Foto měsíce 5/2015
The nostalgic tram in Istanbul

April 2015

Foto měsíce 4/2015
Glittering vintage car

February 2015

Foto měsíce 2/2015
Dedicated bus lane, La Rochelle

January 2015

Foto měsíce 1/2015
PF 2015

December 2014

Foto měsíce 12/2014
Car sharing in Brussels

November 2014

Foto měsíce 11/2014
Managing director of VARS BRNO Tomáš Miniberger and director of the National Theatre Brno Martin Glaser have just signed the contract on partnership of the festival Janáček Brno 2014.

October 2014

Foto měsíce 10/2014
Bicycle as a tool in the election campaign

September 2014

Foto měsíce 9/2014
Bicycle from the year 1868, France
Transport Museum Brussels

August 2014

Foto měsíce 8/2014
Really green transport

July 2014

Foto měsíce 7/2014
ERTRAC visit in Solihull, UK, June 26 2014

June 2014

Foto měsíce 6/2014
Recharge of the electric car, Paris, April 2014

May 2014

Foto měsíce 5/2014
Electric cars station in the system car-sharing, Paris 2014

April 2014

Foto měsíce 4/2014
Beautiful vintage car 2

March 2014

Foto měsíce 3/2014
Beautiful vintage car

February 2014

Foto měsíce 2/2014
Masaryk bridge in Lyon

December 2013

PF 2014

November 2013

Foto měsíce 11/2013
A small electro car in the streets of Brussels

October 2013

Foto měsíce 10/2013
A music car in Prague

September 2013

Foto měsíce 9/2013
An uncommon car in front of the Naval Museum in Petersburg

August 2013

Foto měsíce 8/2013
The bending road in the Swiss Alps

July 2013

Foto měsíce 7/2013
International Motor Show
Brno, April 2013

June 2013

Foto měsíce 6/2013
Bilbao, Plaza Cirlular with entrance to the metro station, the structure is called "fosterios" as a tribute to its designer, famous architect Norman Foster

May 2013

Foto měsíce 5/2013
ERTRAC conference
Brussels, 6th March 2013

April 2013

Foto měsíce 4/2013
Opening of the Autosalon
Brno, 4th April 2013

March 2013

Foto měsíce 3/2013
The closing seminar of the project National Technology Platform for Road Transport
Prague, 21th February 2013

February 2013

Foto měsíce 2/2013
Electric car station, car-sharing system
La Rochelle, France

January 2013

Foto měsíce 1/2013

December 2012

Foto měsíce 12/2012
Really well exploited bicycle
Ethnographic museum, Hanoi

November 2012

Foto měsíce 11/2012 #1
Foto měsíce 11/2012 #2
Czech company TECHNODAT has developed the Flying Bike
Prague, 23th October 2012

October 2012

Foto měsíce 10/2012
Driveless Car ROBOSOFT tested in Rome
La Rochelle, May 2011

September 2012

Foto měsíce 9/2012
A Driveless car INRIA on the stop
La Rochelle, May 2011

August 2012

Foto měsíce 8/2012
Driverless cars of the company INRIA
La Rochelle, May 2011

July 2012

Foto měsíce 7/2012
Driveless vehicle of the company 2getThere, which operates in the city Abu Dhabi
La Rochelle, May 2011

June 2012

Foto měsíce 6/2012
Traveling in the not so past time....

May 2012

Foto měsíce 5/2012
Vehicle as an artistic object — metro stop

April 2012

Foto měsíce 4/2012
Sustainable transport in daily life — post delivery

March 2012

Foto měsíce 3/2012
Little bit breakneck transport mode
Brno, 14th January 2012

February 2012

Foto měsíce - 2/2012
Another sustainable transport mode
Brno, 14th January 2012

January 2012

Foto měsíce - 1/2012
A forgotten, environmentally friendly, vehicle
Brno, 14th January 2012

Foto měsíce - 1/2012 - 2
Ivan Křivánek — world champion in riding
a replica of a wooden dresina from 1817
Brno, 14th January 2012